Services & training courses

KMS Technologies currently offers the following land non-seismic services for oil and gas exploration and production, as well as for geothermal exploration and evaluation:

  • Reservoir monitoring with micro-seismic/electromagnetics for geothermal/oil reservoirs (Data sheet)
  • 3D inversion of MT and CSEM data for geothermal & hydrocarbon applications
  • Feasibility studies for applications in:
    1.    Land CSEM/MT
    2.    Marine CSEM/MT
    3.    Surface-to-borehole EM for flood monitoring

Another aspect of our services is technology development for land and borehole EM systems, as well as technical training courses.

Routine acquisition services we provide with alliance partners to avoid conflicts-of-interest with our hardware system customers.

Training courses & Consultants:

KMS provides training courses in:

  • Electromagnetics for hydrocarbon applications
  • Borehole geophysics
  • Combined course for reservoir monitoring

Our customers are mostly oil companies and we volunteer to teach these at various universities (USA, India, Thailand, & China) & professional societies (SPG & EM community).

Training course and field hands-on training has been bundled in one product MT-Easy including post training services.

Our Consultants can help you get your technology needs covered.

Please see also our Products page or our brochure for additional and more detailed information.