3D modeling, interpretation and software services

  KMS Technologies in alliance with ModEM Geophysics Inc. is providing 3 electromagnetics modeling services for magnetotellurics and CSEM (land and marine). The work will be performed under license from OSU (Oregon State University) to ModEM Geophysics Inc., Prof. Egbert’s (the principal author) commercialization company.

3D modeling includes a team of experience EM modeling geophysics using the KMS 128 processor cluster in Houston.

The services fall into 3 categories:

3D services block

3D modeling services:

This is usually a straight running of customer provided inversion with customer input. Work is performed by an experience 3D modeling EM geophysicist.

It involves:

STEP 1: Customer provides a starting model (preferred) or an estimate uniform background resistivity model is being used. Any a priori information that can be used is required at this time.

STEP 2: We generate a 3D model that initially fits data and is convergent. This model is reviewed in a conference call with the Client

STEP 3: We derived under consideration of Client’s input a final model
POST PROJECT SUPPORT: KMS support the 3D modeling and model refinement after the project. The detailed extend is agreed upon when the final model is derived.

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3D interpretation services:

This includes usually running of 3D models and geologic integration. The support includes -as above- an EM geophysicist and an experienced EM interpreter.

In addition to the above multiple model iteration and interpretations will be derived in collaboration with the Client.

Software sales & integration:

For our more advanced customers we provide software sales and support for those that can run and analyze the 3D programs themselves. We also offer to service oriented clients integration of the 3D code into their interpretation and software environment.

We offer the following 3D MT programs (and software support):