Technology Evaluation/Development

KMS Technologies has provided detailed, full spectrum technology evaluation in regards to mergers and acquisition. Evaluating the market and competitive situation on specific geoscientific technology is one of KMS Technologies’ key services. In many cases we even help start the research or development of the technology in question. We have special expertise/track record in:

  • Borehole system (logging and borehole seismic)

  • Surface EM systems (land and marine)

  • Permanent sensors

Our client list includes BP, Baker Hughes, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, ENI - Italy, EMI, EMGS, Oyo Geospace, Petroalliance - Russia, RWE-Dea - Germany, Shell, and many others.

KMS Technologies is in the training alliance with FACT Company. To learn more about FACT, please visit