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KMS release MT-Easy hand on training program

June 2018: After 19 year of training courses, commissioning, customer support and interpretation, KMS releases this as ONE productto array system customer. They can now have training and field training including hand0on inversion in one package including post-acquisition support for survey. The product is name MT-Easy.

KMS  enhances their 3D modeling capabilities

March.2016: KMS Technologies is focusing more on 3D modeling as part of their product offering by hiring D. S Davydycheva and Dr. M. Smirnov. Apart from enhancing the integrated products, they will also set a new direction for 3D modeling services.

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KMS Technologies deploys First multi-channel microseismic & electromagnetic reservoir monitoring system

7.13.2015: KMS Technologies – KJT Enterprises is rolling out a propriety microseismic and electromagnetic reservoir monitoring system.  The system utilizes patented technology to provide customers the ability to visualize real time fluid changes in a reservoir.  

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KMS receives Cecil H. Green Enterorise award from the Society of Geophysicists

11.4.2013: KMS Technologies received the Ceceil H. Green Enterise Award in recognition of growing the comany succesfully and then achieving an outstadning sales agreeemnt. Furthermore, when finicial crisis circumstances dictated it KMS was taken back by the employees and continued to develop EM technology. The award was given to the founders: K. Strack, T. Hanstein, H. Rueter and C.H. Stoyer at the ward ceremony in Las Vegas.

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KMS MT system is available for rent.

19.09.12: KMS Technologies – KJT Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce today that they are offering customers more ways to use their products. KMS has launched a rental service for their equipments and also rent-to-own scheme. This new service underscores the company focus which is to meet customer’s need.

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University of Hawaii is using KMS Technologie Array Acquisition System for geothermal project.

08.08.12: KMS Technologies – KJT Enterprises Inc. is pleased to announce today that their new generation Array Acquisition Unit, KMS-820 has been tested and used by University of Hawaii in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley Lab. The university purchased 5 KMS-820 MT systems earlier this year for their geothermal project. The new generation Array Acquisition Unit, KMS-820 was given a full recommendation by University of Hawaii and its research collaborator Lawrence Berkeley Lab. They are very happy with the system which is easy to use, robust, and versatile.

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KMS Technologies Array Acquisition System NOW with EMI coils

17.07.12: KMS Technologies – KJT Enterprises Inc. announced today that their new generation Array Acquisition Unit, KMS-820 has been tested with highly recognized EMI (SLB) magnetic field sensors BF4/6/7. This allows the client significant saving in sensor cost and migration to new technology. EMI coils have been used in geophysical industry for some applications like Magnetotellurics (MT), Audio-magnetotellurics (AMT), Controlled-source magnetotellurics (CSMT), Controlled-source Electromagnetic (CSEM) and Induced polarization.

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KMS Technologies closes 2011 profitable continuing its history of being profitable without external funding

16.01.12: KMS Technologies – KJT Enterprises Inc. announces today that it closed 2011 profitable.  This is a considerable achievement after KMS took a big write off in 2010 associated with the separation from its previous owners. Additional difficulty was the unpredictable market due to the world financial and political global uncertainties. The new employee ownership plays a significant role since the company is now able to deploy the technology under their own risk and control.

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KMS Technologies enters into MoU with Institute of Technology PETRONAS (ITP) on research collaboration

23.11.11: KMS Technologies announces today that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University Technology PETRONAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia. The MoU includes a strategic alliance consisting of joint research and development activities in applications of Electromagnetics in petroleum exploration.  The partnership will focus on identifying potential areas of synergy in oil and gas exploration using  Electromagnetics and to contribute to ITP education and research objectives.

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KMS Technologies to attend AGU Fall 2011 Meeting in San Francisco

07.11.2011: KMS Technologies, a leader in advanced electromagnetic technology, today announced they will be attending the AGU Fall 2011 Meeting. The conference will be held at Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, December 5-9, 2011. KMS Technologies will be located at booth #1347.

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KMS array EM system used in 9 countries on 4 continents!

10.10.2011: KMS Technologies, the leading technology developer announces the use of its new hardware in 9
countries. The array acquisition system, KMS-820 has been used in 7 different countries and across
4 different continents including Asia, India, Europe and North America.

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SEG business news: KMS announces delivery of KMS-820 magnetotelluric land acquisition system to India and China

13.04.2011: KMS Technologies, the leading technology and service company in advanced electromagnetics (EM), announced the release of its new generation Array Acquisition System, KMS-820. The new system highlights some compelling features such as GPS-synchronized 6 channels, 24-bit A/D resolution and up to 100 KHz sampling rate. The wireless control capability allows a remote control interaction of up to 8 km, or unlimited distance in relay mode, between the data acquisition unit and the monitoring computer.

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World Oil: KMS Technologies is now fully employee-owned

03.2011: KMS Technologies - KJT Enterprises announced that its employees acquired all the shares of the original majority shareholder, and the company is now fully employee-owned.

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New ownership and a new beginning announced for KMS Technologies - KJT Enterprises.

2011: Dr. Kurt Strack,  CEO of KMS says,  "There is a new enthusiasm and excitement at KMS resulting from the change in ownership effective Feb 14, 2011 by which the common shares formerly owned by RXT and EMGS were transferred back to KMS.  

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AIPT interviews Azizuddin Abdul Aziz about his internship experience with KMS Technologies

2010: Azizuddin Abdul Aziz shares his experience of internship with KMS Technologies and American culture with AIPT journal Practically Speaking.

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KMS Technologies will participate in the 2010 Executive Petroleum Program organized by USC

12.03.2009: The University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering is hosting 2010 Executive Petroleum Program (EPP). EPP provides executives with the foundation required to remain current with the constantly evolving industry.

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Major geothermal discovery in Hungary

09.2009: KMS Technologies and Mannvit Engineering announce that their client has successfully drilled a geothermal well in Szentlorinc, Hungary using their exploration technology. Hot water of 80°C, estimated to have a peak heating capacity of 4 MW, was found at depths of 1,620 to 1,790 meters.

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Policy Puzzle: KMS discusses immigration impasse

06.2009: Throngs of immigrants march through city streets across the U. S. on May 1, draped in flags and toting placards pleading for reform of the nations immigration laws...

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Dr. Kurt Strack participated as featured speaker on E&P Webinar on non-seismic methods

05.2009: This informative session will focus on the use of techniques other than seismic energy to help delineate exploration targets and gain a better understanding of basin geology and petroleum systems...

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E&P interview: Kurt Strack, Founder of KMS Technologies

04.2009: The founder of KMS Technologies is continuing to push the envelope of electromagnetic (EM) technology. E&P asked Dr. Strack to answer a few questions about his company and the EM industry.

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KMS Technologies completes participation by employees

03.03.2009: KMS Technologies have completed an employee participation in the company. This enables the company to build on its existing growth and become a major player on reservoir monitoring technology applications for the oil industry.

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Leon Thomsen joins KMS Technologies

01.12.2008: Dr. Leon Thomsen has joined KMS Technologies as an Executive Advisor. A recent past-President of the worldwide Society of Exploration Geophysicists, an honorary Member of the European Association of Geoscientists...

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KMS President supports student Exchange Programm at University of Cologne

25.10.2008: Die Universitaet zu Koeln vergibt jaehrlich das Gerhard Michel-Partnerschaftsstipendium. Das Stipendium wird nach Auswahl durch eine Stipendienkommission vom Rektor...

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KMS Technologies forms joint venture with Lviv

15.10.2008: KMS Technologies - KJT Enterprises Inc, an EMGS/RXT company, has formed a joint venture in the Ukraine and signed a long term cooperation agreement with the Lviv Centre of Institute of Space Research (LCISR) to focus...

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KMS and The Suvira Group are gold sponsors of GEO India 2008.

17-19.09.2008: India is opening up as one of the most exciting regions for oil and gas exploration in the world. With the full support of the Indian government...

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Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee hosts Kurt Strack

11.2009: Dr. Kurt Strack, Chair of the SEG Research Committee, SEAM Board member, and Global Affairs Committee member, visited Roorkee, India in late 2007...

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EM is becoming a major attraction

25.11.2007: Norman Allegar of KMS Technologies explains how this Houston-based company is emerging as one of the players in the market for electromagnetic survey technology...

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RXT and EMGS Jointly Acquire KMS Technologies

15.09.2007: Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA (RXT) and Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA (EMGS) and have agreed to each acquire 50 percent of the EM technology company KMS Technologies...

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EMGS acquires exclusive rights to new proprietary shallow water EM technology

15.09.2007: EMGS acquires exclusive rights to new proprietary shallow water EM technology Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA (EMGS) has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to patented EM technology developed by KMS Technologies (Houston) that broadens its ability to support oil and gas exploration companies ...

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Efriam Dory formally becomes the new CEO of KMS Technologies

21.05.2007: Efraim Dory served as the senior vice president of PetroAlliance for the last six years and has more than 30 years in technical and management experience in the oil industry. He was senior vice president of Western Atlas for over 10 years and until the merger with Baker, he was responsible for ...

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RXT enters the EM market - exclusive agreement with KMS Technologies Inc.

27.04.2007: Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA (RXT), a multi component seismic acquisition company, has signed an agreement with KMS Technologies for exclusive usage of their electromagnetic technology for cable based seafloor applications offshore.

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Dr. Strack formally serves as Director of the SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation ("SEAM")

21.01.2007: The SEG Advanced Modeling Project ("SEAM") is an important initiative of the Society. There is a great need in academia and industry for advanced synthetic data sets...

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KMS at SPG/SEG 2006 International Geophysical Conference

KMS Technologies participated in the International Geophysical Conference SPG/SEG meeting host in Kunming, China; October 27-29, 2006...

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Dr. Strack gives speech in Technology Management at CNPC

09.2006: CNPC Research Institute of Economics and Technology organized the CNPC Enterprise Technology Innovation and Management Workshop at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing on September 12-13, 2006...

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First Break article on AVO attributes for reservoir characterization

01.2006: This article summarizes some basic concepts in AVO processing and the computation of prestack seismic attributes...

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Shell and EMGS collaborate

03.01.2006: Shell International Exploration and Production BV and Electromagnetic Geoservices AS have announced the signing of a one-year agreement with the option to extend this another year to collaborate on expanding the capabilities of emgs’ proprietary marine electromagnetic surveying technique, which is known as seabed logging...

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World Oil reviews electromagnetic technology

06.2005: Electromagnetic-field methods, broadly called geo-electromagnetic, can be divided into two categories: passive magnetotellurics (MT) and active electromagnetic (EM) logging...

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The Leading Edge press release Marianne Rauch-Davies joined KJT Enterprises Inc.

01.2005: Marianne Rauch-Davies has joined KJT Enterprises Inc. as an executive team member and is president of its new division SeisCat...

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Wall Street Journal talks about marine EM on front page (with comments from KMS staff)

17.08.2004: Afloat in a research vessel off the coast of West Africa in early 2002, Exxon Mobil Corp. geophysicist Len Srnka took his laptop, locked himself inside his cabin and peered into oil's future...

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Saudi Petrophysical Society presentation

24.06.2004: Objective: Provide a resistivity logging snapshot, stay with wireline only (MWD later), link past and future developments...

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SeisCat division formed

06.2004: KJT Enterprises Inc. formed a new division, named SeisCat, which focuses on high end seismic interpretation. Division president is Dr. M. Rauch-Davies who has many years experience in the industry.

KMS Technologies' CEO completes several lectures in Germany

06.2004: Prof. F.M. Neubauer Honorarium Kolloqium (program), 3 days block course at University of Bonn...

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Dr. Marianne Rauch-Davies joins KJT Enterprises Inc.

05.2004: Dr. Marianne Rauch-Davies joins KJT Enterprises Inc. to form anew division for Advanced Seismic Interpretation (Seiscat).

Dr. Strack completes invited lectures visit at Yangtze University (formerly Jingzhou Petroleum University)

11.01.2004: lectures: Advanced reservoir technologies, Advances in resistivity logging, Petroleum applications of Lotem & reservoir monitoring w/permanent sensors, Lotem lectures...

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RWE-Dea Chief Geophysicist visits KMS Technologies

13.02.2004: H.J. Zoch, Chief Geophysicist, RWE-Dea, Hamburg and his colleague S. Pellegrino visit KMS Technologies...

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Deutsche Geophysikaliusche Gesellschaft Mitteilungen

04.2003: Honors for Dr. Strack.pdf

KMS Technologies' CEO was honored for his contributions to borehole and surface geophysics

2003: KMS Technologies's CEO was honored this year by several organization for his contributions to borehole and surface geophysics. The SPWLA (Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analyst) honored him...

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