Magnetotelluric (MT) Survey System

KMS Technologies introduces the new wide band 24/32-bit, 6-channel, low power consumption, microseismic/magnetotelluric/general EM system, with sampling rate up to 80 KHz. The system is very flexible and comes in different version:

  • KMS-820 and custom sensors;
  • KMS-820 Mini with fluxgate 3C magnetometer fine tuned up to 80 Hz and...... NEW COMPLETE SYSTEM
  • KMS-888 shallow borehole tool with 3C seismic, 3C magnetic and 3C electric sensors

For magnetic measurements, the system is equipped with 2 different sets of induction coil magnetometers for different frequency bands (MT & AMT applications) plus a digital input for a fluxgate magnetometer. For stable measurements of the electric field, two lead-free, ultra low noise, low drifting, matched pairs of non-polarizable Cu-CuS04 electrodes are are included in the magnetotellurics (MT) system. The system provides digital interface for digital fluxgate magnetometers for low frequency measurements or customized applications. The system contains necessary equipment and cables to conduct magnetotelluric (MT) surveys. The included acquisition and processing software analyzes the data with graphical display for quality control and also outputs the apparent resistivity into the standard EDI format for further processing and inversion by other commercial available software, such as WinGLink® by Geosystem/SLB. KMS-200 includes two different version of robust processing and even 1-dimensional inversion.

3D inversion software can be licensed, run on KMS's cluster in Houston and provided as services

More details about further applications can be found at: Array system flyer and in our technical documentation archive including publications with our hardware.