Kurt Strack

2006 - 2008: SEG Research Committee Chair

Dr. Strack is named the new SEG Research Committee Chair, SEG, New Orleans

from 2006: Yangtze University

Visiting Professor of Yangtze University, Ministry of Education, China

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2006: Yangtze University, Expert Advisory Committee Member

Expert Advisory Committee Member, Key Laboratory of Exploration Technologies for Oils and Gas Resources, Yangtze University, Ministry of Education, China

2004 - 2005: Distinguished Speaker Award

Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) Presented Kurt Strack in appreciation of his outstanding contribution to the SPWLA as a Distinguished Speaker.

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2003: Distinguished Technical Achievement Award

Society of Professional Well Log Analysts
June 22-25, 2003
Galveston, Texas

Extract from the SPWLA conference program: Dr. K.M. Strack is president of KMS Technologies- KJT Enterprises Inc. specializing in borehole logging tool and permanent sensor development. Kurt also serves as Adjunct Professor in the Geosciences Department at the University of Houston where he teaches borehole geophysics. Before starting KJT Enterprises, Kurt served as Chief Scientist for Baker Atlas in Houston after being Resistivity Product Line manager and Advanced Scientific Research Department manager. There he supported Logging Tool Development and Interpretation through modeling yielding numerous new logging tools. Prior to that Kurt pioneered LOTEM (Surface transient electromagnetics for hydrocarbon exploration) development and several advanced borehole research ideas in Germany, Australia and the USA. Kurt received a Ph.D. from the University of Cologne, Germany and a M.Sc. from Colorado School of Mines. He worked over the past 20 years as a geophysical consultant and as university researcher and teacher as R & D manager in the geothermal and logging industry.

Kurt has published over 100 publications, 1 textbook and authors/co-authors over 10 patents. He also received a Fulbright scholarship and numerous international grants/awards throughout his career. His main interest is integrating geophysics with other disciplines, technology transfer and project development. He is a member of SPWLA, AAPG, ASEG, DGG, BDG, SPE, SEG and EAGE. He was 1998-1999 SPE distinguished lecturer on Through Casing Resistivity. Apart from chairing many workshops at International Conventions he was co-chairman of SEG Summer research workshops on: Integration of Seismic Data with Well Logs (1995), NMR Imaging of Reservoir Attributes (1998), Effective Technology Transfer of Model-based Geo-Inversion Techniques (1999), and Pore Pressure Prediction (2002). He was also co-chairman of the SPWLA topical conference on Borehole Anisotropy (April 2000) and Guest Editor of the special issues of Petrophysics on Borehole Anisotropy. Kurt has taught courses and mentored many students and professionals at many universities and companies in the international oil industry.

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Dr. Kurt Strack

Press releases:

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2003: Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Dr. Kurt Strack has been introduced to the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences as a Foreign Member for his contribution to the development of innovative borehole logging tools and the pioneering work in electrical geophysics for the oil industry are indeed noteworthy.

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2003 Kapitsa gold Medal of Honor

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded Dr. Kurt Strack with a prestigious Kapitsa gold Medal for his contributions to the development of innovative borehole logging tools and the pioneering work in electrical geophysics for the oil industry. The Medal is handed on behalf of the Presidium of the Academy with a Diploma having a registration number.

History of the Medal: In 1994 on the initiative of the members of the Academy (authors of scientific discoveries) P.L.Kapitsa Gold and Silver Medals were established to be awarded to authors of scientific discoveries.

On the front of the Medal - a bas-relief of academician P.L.Kapitsa, Nobel Prize winner, the author of scientific discoveries, around the bas-relief there is a circular inscription "The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences". On the back side - an inscription framed with laurel leaves "To an author of a scientific discovery".

The Medal has a blue ribbon. It is handed on behalf of the Presidium of the Academy with a diploma having a registration number.

Among those decorated with the P.L.Kapitsa Gold Medal: Nobel Prize winner (physics) member of RANS A.M.Prokhorov, Nobel Prize winner (chemistry) I.R.Prigozhin, member of RAN S.P.Kapitsa, Rector of the Moscow State University Corresponding member of RAS, vice-president of the RANS acad. V.S.Novikov, member of the RANS V.A.Sadovnichy, Director of Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, member of the RANS V.Kh.Khavinson.

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2003 Reginald Fessenden Award

SEG Honor and Awards Committee and the SEG Executive Committee selected Dr. Kurt Strack to receive the Society's Reginald Fessenden Award. This Award is giving to those who have made a specific contribution to exploration geophysics, such as invention to theoretical or conceptual advancement. Dr. Strack is being recognized for his technical contributions in the field of borehole geophysics and more specifically for being instrumental in the development and implementation of Through Casing Resistivity (TCR) and 3D Induction Logging which have provided the industry with techniques for identifying bypassed hydrocarbon behind casing and in thinly laminated sand-shale sequences.

Ceremony: The Honors and Award Ceremony took place during SEG's 2003 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, October 26-31. The information about the Meeting Awards was published in The Leading Edge, September 2003. SEG President Mike Bahorich awards Kurt Strack with the Reginald Fessenden Award.

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1999 Distinguished Lecturer for the 1998-99 program

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Society of Petroleum Engineers

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